OSIC 2017 Winners

  1. Gold Finalists - 2000$ per student
    Gold Finalists - 2000$ per student
    Nicholas Smith and Tyler Rubino from Earl of March Secondary School Through the accurate measurement of transition metal sequestration in the blood during Lyme Disease infection, it is possible to develop new therapeutics and more accurate diagnostic tools.
  2. Silver Finalist - 1000$
    Silver Finalist - 1000$
    George Liu from West Carleton Secondary School Exploring the use of lytic phages from wastewater and Ixodes scapularis habitat fluids in order to cause the lysis of Borrelia burgdorferi; combatting Post-Treatment Lyme Disease and residual infection.
  3. Bronze Finalist - 500$ per student
    Bronze Finalist - 500$ per student
    Justen Choueiry and Justin Thomas from École secondaire catholique Franco-Cité Using the novel CRISP gene editing technique, ticks will be treated in order to remove the gene that controls the production of Salp15, a salivary protein allowing suppression of the immune system and the spread of bacteria upon infection.

OSIC 2017 Final Round

OSIC 2017 Case

Lyme Disease